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Lokkatha Exam Preparation Online Portal

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Welcome to Lokkatha Exam Preparation Online Portal


Online UGC NET JRF Preparation

The UGC NET JRF examination is held twice a year in the last weekend of December and June. Qualifying UGC NET is currently a mandatory requirement for minimum eligibility for Lecturership in higher educational institutions such as universities and research organisations.

This portal is meant for providing some basic information on the examination and is a handy tool for online preparation for the exam with year wise question sets along with answer keys. Users of this portal are required to register as member in order to access all the sections on the site.

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Other Exams

Year wise Question Sets and answer Keys for UGC NET JRF Examination for Lecturership

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 At Lokkatha Online Exam Preparation Portal, this is the place where you can view and download previous year question papers and answer keys for different examinations. 

The directory is listed for different examinations.

Please click on the specific examination such as UGC NET JRF etc to access the list of files for viewing or downloading. All these files are in PDF format and curtessy different organisations undertaking those examinations.

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