Why not Modi?

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Result of Gujarat Vidhan Sabha election has been announced and as expected BJP got majority. Thus Modi made a hatrick by getting re-elected in the state. This magnanimous victory has again proved his political power. This victory has re-glorified his political image and also enlarged his political size. Now that the result has been declared everyone is waiting for Modi to be declared as prime ministerial candidate of BJP.


Modi has been the brand of Gujarat ever since he got elected as CM in 2001. He with his determination and firm will brought Gujarat from lower rung in ladder to the apex point. Gujarat is now known for its development and the progress it made under Modi. These assembly elections have shown that Gujaratis have risen above the politics of caste, creed or religion which unfortunately is still prevailing in mainstream politics all over the nation. They have shown that people should value development, progress and not get swayed by the politics of religion or any other such things. Anti-Modi block claims that he is a communal leader and exploits a particular section of society. But the clear majority he has been getting cannot be achieved by the votes of a particular section alone. People know and they have a belief over Modi and his good governance. Recently I met a doctor who is currently serving in UP government. He told me that once he was attending a road accident victim who was apparently a Muslim, after being attended the patient said that your state has very poor medical service had I been in my state by now I would have been enjoying top class facilities. When he was enquired about his where about he said that he belongs to Gujarat. Everyone was surprised and one of the staff said that it is a common perception that Muslims are not in any good condition in Gujarat. To this the patient replied that it is a very wrong notion among public. Everyone is treated at par in Gujarat and it is a baseless rumor. It is not just first instance, my neighbor in hostel is a Gujarati and when I asked her about Gujarat she said that it is the safest state, girls can go out even after 10 and parents will not have any fear regarding their safety. I am not any acquaintance of Modi nor do I know him  from any other way but news but I must say whatever it is the man has some charm or charisma in him and no wonder he is the brand of Gujarat .

A lot has been said in favor and against of Modi. But what he really want and what he really is can be known if we give him a shot to the seat of PM. It is high time, BJP is facing a huge problem of leadership. It should come clear and announce the only strong candidate of party as its nominee for prime ministerial candidature without fearing any of its allies. Besides Gujarat polls have shown that a section of minority too is in favor of Modi. So without thinking of vote bank BJP should take a stand here and now if it wants to have a shot to be next ruling party at center. Nothing more can be said now. All we can predict that BJP will use its political wisdom carefully and nominate Modi soon as the face of party in next parliamentary elections. We have given chance to many people some of them were eligible and some were not, so why not Modi. Think about it.


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