Misery of Male Mindset (A Reflection)

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male femaleThe change in the sexual behaviors of male and female can not be limited to bed. The colorful stories of activities before Sex, between sex and after sex are out there in the market to lure teenagers. These activities and stories basically carry a dominance of male’s desires and fancies. At a time when Females are becoming more and more mutual, comfortable and expressive about their sexuality, the dominance of male sexuality is finding it difficult to adjust, thus resulting in sexual exploitations and crimes. This growing inferiority regarding sexual expression and comfort of male reflects in the dominance of their desires in those fancy stories.

In this changing democratic set up male sexuality is looking more and more immature and undeveloped. The increasing desires to showcase the manliness (Mardanagi) are the signs of increasing inferiority in males. With this inferiority, the progressive steps of females resulting in breaking the age old conventions of an Indian lady have reflected in the distorted mindsets of males.

An inferior male tries to compensate his inferiority through forceful acts of manliness on a female, therefore establishing the so called dominance of man over woman. The growing aggression in a male’s behavior is the result of that inferiority.


On the other hand it is widely spreading in the urban middle class females that their counter parts are greatly concerned with their capability of satisfying a female. As soon as they believe that they are not able to satisfy, they seek new ways of establishing themselves. Females are not silent anymore. They not only think about their pleasures but express them as well. Many young boys pretend to hear it easily in peer groups, but inside them a fear creeps in. In reality the male mindset can not accept girls who can express their pleasures and desires.

The growing numbers of urban youth visiting sexologist seals the above explanation.

Men and boyfriends are attached to much kind of inferiorities like their Girlfriends and wives presenting themselves very artistically & revealingly and they are more demanding. In reality checking modern males pretend to be very advanced and progressive but are very skeptical on the issue of sex. They pretend to be perfectly ‘OK’ on the issue of Virginity but remain greatly concerned with it when their wedding is around. If there is a small doubt they start contemplating on breaking the engagement. Till date, this is the biggest reason behind tension and divorce in marriages.

There are Video Games, Pornography and the acceptance of Sexual crimes in the society trying to acknowledge the Male Chauvinism. The modern male is trouble-free in his observation while reminding girl to wear full sleeves clothes and to get away with the skirts. They are easy in saying that Girl need to wear decent clothes while visiting places like Disco and bar. Else there is no option but to face teasing and Rape.

Modern Girls try to confront this crime full and insensitive statement, while their male friends most often chew themselves and remain silent. This silence results in the insensitive Jokes on females doing rounds in Social Media and on Mobile Phones. No wonder the Highest grossing Bollywood film of all time, 3 Idiots, uses the term Rape (Balatkaar) in one of its most comic scene.  

There are multiple brands of Oil and powder boasting and popularizing their name with the slogan of increasing Manliness. The Advertisements of these oils and Powders can be seen in many Hindi Newspapers. There are innumerable Home made Viagra brands doing there bit. These medicines, Oils and Powders have resulted in an extreme artificial pressure on Males to perform their sexual activities, thus resulting as interference in the Natural character of Sexuality and Sex.

Why do Males require these Medicines and Oil? Why not female? Are females living their sexual life on a plane, comfortable and simple territory? It is truly impossible for a female to live her sexual life on a plane and comfortable territory, especially when so much is going on in the sexual and physical life of her male counterpart.

Males are frequently visiting the counselors. There is paramount competition in the job market. Females are entering in Job sector with equal talent and comprehensiveness. From all his childhood and teenage a young boy is indirectly taught that he is more talented and Powerful. It is his responsibility to initiate action, be it anything from proposing a girl to starting an action in bed. In today’s cultural context his conventional image is breaking, therefore resulting in frustration and aggression. Some are trying to adjust and most are trying to showcase their Manliness in the material and hypocrisy of Market. The male showcasing his aggression is deep down concerned with the size of his private part and sometime is concerned with his fear of being incapable of satisfying a female partner, resulting in the excessive use of Oil, Powder and Viagra.

The Inferiority of male and the desire of a female to control her sexuality is the story behind the close doors of our society.



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