In the Aftermath of an Incident.(A reflection)

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The Cruel and Barbaric incident of Delhi has poured a rain of agony and frustration in the middle class.  The severity of the situation is bound to occur, especially after listening and reading to the events which took place in that fateful evening. To a lay man’s eye, suddenly, there seem to be a union of all the section which is demanding capital punishment for the culprits. The death penalty seems to have found its sounds from the biggest chunk of mass i.e. the Middle Class youth.



People are favoring Death penalty; want to abolish this societal anomaly within haste. Plus the sloganeering by Mainline Media ‘Time has arrived’ and Ab waqt aa Gaya hai” is trying to cash on the popular sentiments. The TRP race or we can call it Rat Race, does not allow mainline news channels to broadcast news with a perspective and with a constructive difference. If Mob is directionless then I guess media is just below it.  Right after the gory incident a news channel sent out its female journalist on the roads of Delhi to gauge the situation of law and order. 

Probably Editors had an idea that sending male journalist to the road will not garner the kind of footage he desired at that moment, therefore the female journalist was put to task. perhaps the foundation of gender bias was there in the flow of that news channel’s organization, yet,  female journalist and that news channel harped on the security of females in Delhi forget about the impartiality. There is a prejudice regarding gender in the news channel’s set up and yet they seem perfectly ‘ok’ with sloganeering of a Woman’s right. In this light I am confident to put that Duality has become the nature of so called progressiveness for the urban middle class and news feeder.

The female journalists was teased by the night beasts of Delhi. The camera person immediately cashed on and the so called bravado of journalist and the channel find its desired end.        

Next day Rajya Sabha MP Jaya Bachhan marched to protest against the institutionalized centers of Power and she vehemently opposed the character of the beasts and the power. Photographs in all English and Hindi daily showcased her to be the symbol of fight. Her speech in Rajya Sabha became a most watched video on Social Media. She garners attraction from  wife of a megastar to that being of a fighter. But the same Mrs. Bachhan about a week ago in an interview with a daily Newspaper stated her reluctance to fight Lok Sabha Election, the outcome of her husband’s will, who knows she may want to fight the election ? On one hand the so called beacon of protests are arguing for the gender equality on other they are progressing Duality in their so called inspirational and modern life.

Mr. Amitabh  Bachhan tweeted and somehow reflected his tears and frustration in his 140 word tweet. His fans on Social Media line themselves with Mr. Bachhan very immediately. After all he is a Megastar, an intellectual, a Poet’s son and above all a difference from all other Bollywood Actors. He equated the barbaric act to that of an animal’s. But I sincerely believe people and especially Middle class should seriously ask question Mr. Bachhan that where was his human and non partial evaluation of Humanity, when he was doing those commercials for Gujarat Government ?

I mean, did not he consider that he is doing commercial for that machinery which feed people like Babu Bajrangi, who quite inhumanely ripped the abdomen of a pregnant lady during the communal riots of 2002? Did not he evaluate the machinery which had a minister named Maya Ben Kodnani, who is now languishing in Jail for the burning of Congress M.P Ehsan Jaffri?  He was praising the Kuchh ka Rann as if it was an infrastructure miracle by the Modi Administration. On the contrary he never bothers to care that the same Rann is now in the hands of multinationals, no scope for small time businessman.
He emphasizes the beauty of Narmada and its valley and forgets the name of Bhil a tribe.

Amitabh Bachhan has shown his duality and I seriously want to know his self righteousness through which he states himself. I mean years ago just before the assembly elections of 2007 in UP, he campaigned for the Samajwadi Party (the so called champions of Muslim interests) and false consciously cleared Jurm Yahan Kam Hai’ . Years later he campaigns for the so called champions of Hindutva Politics, I mean where is he, in the domain of darkness or in disillusionment? 

People should seriously ask the intent and inclination of these self smitten Bollywood celebrities and we should not get smitten by their professional capability of acting in our Social Lives.  

Probably Market has his answer here. Market which tries to cash every atrocity in this country, the market which tries to cash on the deaths of megalomaniac Politicians and portray them as the torch bearers of truth. 

Now coming back on the issue of Capital Punishment, the shrillness of the voice has started arguing with the Administration, Police and ultimately the Judicial System. But if we inspect around the globe, we find that the countries with death penalty in its legal domain are actually the country which have its Law and Order and Moral order at a fast deteriorating pace. The countries which are full of duality in its social and its political life are most often sticking with Death Penalty. The countries which are completely in the hands of Market forces or the countries which are skeptical to market forces are the ones where Death Punishment found its voice. One such example is Saudi Arabia, where Modern multinational giants are free to do business, where you can find the biggest malls and the biggest buildings, where you can find the fulfillment of your aspirations. Yet, that country did not allow the voting rights and right to candidature for woman in any election for a very long time, yet that country is run by an age old monarchy and is still called a Modern Country. This is duality. Here I do not suggest that India as a country has found its moral levels that we can get rid of Death Penalty. India has a long way to go before we say good bye to the code of capital punishment. But extremism of asking or ordering death penalty is a reflection of extreme anger and extreme prejudice. The people, who indulge in Rape, probably fall in the period of extreme when they do such ghastly activities, therefore we can’t have an extreme and hasty answer to a hasty situation. It will only fuel the current level of escalation.   

The act performed in the period of extreme anger and prejudice is a detachment from the basic of being a human.

The one psychological point that we must come at is the difference between the Individual Character and the Group Character. The genesis of Duality roots very much in the difference between these two parts of our individual and social life. Six men who go to the extreme brutal character of their nature are differently individual. But yet their brutality finds a common place and they do something which at least makes their gender spit at themselves.

In India today the prominence of Ideology is not in our daily life. It’s only confined to the sphere of Academia and books. Ideology gives mankind the perspective of understanding and free expression. Today, Market has changed our social life in a way that parents never talk about the beautiful human stories written by Tagore , Premchandra or for that matter their own ones. Instead, what they do is to criticize fellow colleagues of their office and wives quite comfortably try to comfort their husbands. All this while when young kid see their parents talking in an strange manner, somehow corrupt individuality creep in, inhumanity creeps and subsequently the emotionlessness . I mean ten years ago I never came to meet people who could easily say that they don’t rely on the taste of the food to fill in their stomach. They say that they don’t consider themselves to be Romantic. Don’t these statements suggest the basic detachment from Natural Love?  

But today there are in my immediate surroundings.                   

When there is duality in the system, when there is no ideology, group character creeps in and overpowers Individual character (To my understanding Individuals are more prone to hear one’s individual self which is Humanity and Love), be it brutality or vested interest. By this account I believe all of us are equally responsible for the shame of Delhi.

Now the most critical part is about questioning the Institutions of India.

Paramilitary Forces and Army in this country have doubtful track records of Human Rights. My discussions on the issue of Human Rights infringement by Army has always ended up by the pseudo mentality of my counter parts which state everything to be fair in love and war.

But to my understanding, Fascist or the states with Fascist undertones directly and indirectly sponsor Rape.

India is no aberration. Remember Singur and remember the Case of Soni Sori a tribal teacher in the hinterland of Chhatisgarh. Soni Sori was injected with electric current; stones were inserted in her private parts. Doctors ejected those stones provided them to Supreme Court. The case is on. Soni Sori is in Jail and the state and its machinery is fighting case for those alleged Police Persons. SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) who performed this act was awarded with a bravery award on Republic Day.

Years ago a Small town girl named Manorama was captured by the Security Forces. She was forcefully raped and then was shot in her private parts. No wonder Central Government is fighting the cases of those security personals as well.

Today we have fed duality in the name of Nation and Nationalism that nobody dares to ask the question in a serious manner. The rhetoric that those army persons are serving us at the height of Siyachin is still the normal course of praise.

On the other hand I can simply say that only a false and unethical institution can kill people in the name of geographical and territorial gain. Only a nimmoral institution can breed inhumanity and rape in the name of Nation and its security.


Friends are we ready to ask the question on the institutions of inbound sexuality, marriage, our daily life, duality, Nation and the false sense of nationalism? If we are not then I guess we are bound to progress with shameful act of Rape.

There is nothing as big as Love and Humanity.                            




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