Caste Hinduism and Ashish Nandi

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Few things just cannot be said. But it seems everyone concedes and has given a consensus to its existence and perpetual propagation is caste system in India. May be western  sensitivity of twenty first century, which is being replicated in India by power elites, requires politically correct language at least on the visible surface of public sphere, anything which cannot pass the test of rationality and logic has to be rejected. But perhaps the most idiotic country in the world, which loves to brand itself as emerging superpower, has not recognized the futility of caste and harm it does their nation yet. What to expect from the set of people who still loves to pour milk at the penis of god. We must not go for selective readings of our system. It will be hypocrisy to love our good things and take pride at their existence and put a curtain on bad things. If Indians feel proud on the age free modern and liberal philosophy of Hinduism, then they must also feel the shame for the barbaric and inhuman treatment that is being still given to Dalits.   


The idiots like Ashish Nandi need to just imagine what will be the implications if one day this majority of Indians who belong to so called lower castes choose to convert their religion. Recent statement by Ashish Nandi that mostly the corruption which is being propagated in India is handiwork lower caste individuals who have risen to higher echelons of administration, judiciary and legislature riding on the back of affirmative action or reservation for social backwards. What to say about this utter non sense.  He himself back tracked from his statement. That is non-issue. The issue to how such a thought emerged. What is root cause? The root cause is existence of caste system which is feature of Hinduism.

Every individual has to be judged by the strength of his or her character. Few are honest and others are not. It has nothing to do with anyone’s sir name which is a human creation. So again this statement is a manifestation of hatred perpetuated by higher castes against the majority of people in this country.

But what is the solution to end caste system in India. It can be done, but no effort has been to eradicate it yet. Instead subsequent governments in independent India have adopted the policy which only hides the disease and does nothing to cure it.  It can be eradicated of course.

Two possible cures of caste system in India.

  1. 1.Make it illegal to use sir name which makes it possible to identify the castes. Ethnicity has nothing to do with caste. Without sir name it will be almost impossible to recognize the lower caste and higher caste people. Indians can be forced to use two words as their names like Shekar Suman, Ashutosh Prakash
  2. 2.Second solution is government can release the few sir names and each individual in India should be free to use it. Like government can release so called sir names like Joshi, Pant, Chaturvedi etc. Every lower caste individual can then become a Brahmin overnight.

This will also pave the way for national unity among the followers of Hinduism, and it will eventually make the need for reservation redundant in the long term. And material progress, increasing individualism, dying joint family system, emergence of nuclear families and industrialization are powerful enough to put the last nail on the coffin of caste system. It will be madly optimistic to think that this will ever happen in our life time.  If this nation has to make a meaningful progress there is no other way.


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