Diggi ka kahani ka pitara

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Here comes another story from Diggi’s story bag. The Congress leader, Digvijay Singh is known for his too sharp tongue and baseless statements. As per his nature, he gave another baseless statement and this time it is about CAG. As per his propaganda to shift attention of common people from the black and heinous deeds of his party and the incumbency of their so called leader regarding this matter he launched a serious accusation on CAG Vinod Rai. He accused Mr. Rai of having political ambitions. He compared present CAG with CAG of 1985-1990 Mr.T.N.Chaturvedi who gave a report on Bofors scam, which put a blame on the then P.M. Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. It’s notable that after retirement Mr. Chaturvedi fought and won elections and became B.J.P. M.P. This is the reason why Digvijay Singh is accusing Mr. Rai of having political ambitions. He thinks that by issuing reports that are against congress CAG will gain public support and could become a political figure of India. But it should be noted that the CAG is right now and as well as back at that time too.  



This comes after CAG issued a report stating loss in coal blocks. CAG has become a target of Congress leader ever since the issuing of his report since unlike 2-G the blame of this scam goes to the party itself and not its allies. Though party faced a lot of damage due to 2-G scam but it sort of controlled damage by sacking accused ministers (since they were allies’ not party members) but since this time the blame is directly on the PMO or rather PM itself along with other members of party itself they are playing more offensive than defensive but only to add to their own plight. This is the reason why, Diggi who had been politically dormant from quiet a long time came into scene out of nowhere and put allegations on CAG.

This seems to be propaganda of Congress that when everything seems to go out of control they put Diggi in field and he blurts some useless and baseless statements to shift attention of people from his party to himself. But later on the party separates itself from his statement by saying that it is his personal opinion and not that of party. He is kind of damage controller of INC but it should be remembered that you can fool people once, twice or thrice but not always. And this time we the people of India are not going to be fooled by his statement because we very well know the truth.

So it is a humble request to Digvijay Singh and all the congress leaders to stop their blabbering and speak out some reasonable things and admit their fault and act wisely. It is a high time if they will not take any proper step to curb their inefficiency then soon a time will come when whole India will stand up and speak up against them and the result of which they will see in 2014 elections.



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