Politics on COAL GATE

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Coal block scam seems to be following the path of 2-g scam. With opposition adamant over the resignation of PM and government acting all irresponsible the matter seems to be going in cold bag like its predecessor scam. Instead of tackling the issue both UPA and NDA are playing politics on it.


The demand of resignation seems correct on one hand when we take a look on the PM’s response on previous scams. The reluctance to call PAC at that time and then late call to it and putting its suggestions in cold bag makes him guiltier. But you never know, might be this time he will act (though its possibility is almost equivalent to nil). So we cannot decline his proposal to call discussion on this matter, but then we all know what happens in parliamentary discussions (a brawl, not just literally), every time the government will try to clarify itself the opposition will reject its clarification, no matter what.

UPA’s proposal for calling discussion on this issue is a way of making coal scam a foregone issue just like 2-G & commonwealth scam. Later on it will call back the convicted ministers back into the parliament just as it has done now with Raja & Kalmadi. CAG has reported a loss of 1.86 lakh crore for exchequer due to allocation of coal blocks without competitive bidding. To this our coal minister Mr. Sriprakash Jaiswal says that out of 57 blocks surveyed by CAG only 1 is in use. This justification seems to be a lie coming out of a kid who is caught with candies and their wrappers in his hand and he says, “I only ate 1 candy rest all are as it is, I didn’t want to eat them.” Mr. Jaiswal you should think before speaking, earlier too your brethrens had tried to reject CAG’s reports, only to be proven wrong. What UPA should do at this time is to kick start its punctured car and mend the punctures by taking apt action on coal scam. Instead of spurting out unnecessary comments and futilely curbing anti corruption movements it should take strict measures. Though it’s late for introspection but it can do with evaluation of itself. It should also be noted that UPA’s own allies seems to be angry with it along with those who are supporting it from outside. As usual Left is trying to mark its presence by opposing UPA, to show that they still exist somewhere in Indian political scenario and the Bengal defeat can’t wipe them out of India.

Now coming t o NDA, it is fragmented just like it was on presidential candidature and that’s why seeking help of TMC on this issue. JD-U is trying to act powerful by defying the BJP’s stand on scam and is going agreeing on UPA’s proposal on this issue. This whole act of defiance is their way to show that they are powerful party of coalition. Moreover it is also a way to pressurize the main party of coalition that  in 2014 election their party chief Nitish Kumar should be portrayed as a face of NDA’s prime ministerial candidate and not the much popular Modi of BJP( who is more worthy is a debatable issue and shall be discussed in some other article). It should be noted that ever since the candidature of prime minister has become an issue JD-U seems to be swaying away from BJP in every matter. Though this is the biggest problem of coalition that even a small ally matters a lot but JD-U shouldn’t forget only Bihar can’t pave its way for the chair of prime minister. It needs a big coalition which surely can’t be the ghost third front and also it should remember that in the era of coalition even enemies ally together to form government. It is good to keep your view but unnecessarily pressurizing your ally makes you a liability, which it would be ready to throw away at first chance.

In nutshell I would like to say that groups are doing nothing apart from pacification of their political ego. If this persists the result of this matter will be same as it was of previous issues – “only bakwas no seedhi baat.”

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