Remembering Stanley Kubrick and his Work

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Stanley Kubrick by sonmezay


     Stanley Kubrick

July 26, 1928 - March 7, 1999


Stanley Kubrick’s Futuristic creation “A clockwork Orange” is shown in almost every Media, Film and Television institute around the globe. There are two films in Human History which have received a mystic review from its audiences. The first one being Akiro Kuroshowa’s ‘Seven Samurai’ and the second one being ‘A Clockwork Orange(1972)’.


Kubrick is remembered for various aspects of his filmmaking. His cinematography has become the benchmark for Cinematographers around the world. He uses the dark (RGB) colors and it shadows so aesthetically that irrespective of the script or the screenplay a watcher always remembers the Movie.

clockwork orangeA Clockwork Orange’ falls in the same category. It is based on a novel of the same name. The Movie tries to illustrate the gory, brutal and psychopath character of humans who reside in the places of acquired moralities. Places which are detached and are being imposed by the concept of society. The story in this movie is of future London, where four young boys (called droogs in the movie) turn violent one night just to have fun. They brutally beat an old man at an alley. They rape a middle aged woman in front of her husband and they demolish the villain out of mobster boys in their area. Now out of those four droogs one has been caught by the Authorities, his charges proven and ready to send to gallows.


After two years the Government is keen to experiment Rehabilitation programme, where a Prisoner is asked to go through certain rigorous tests like avoiding sexual arousal and continuously watching gory films without even flipping the eyelids. If anyone can pass this experiment, he is free to get out of jail. The central character or the droog caught by authority is ready to go through the test. He goes through the tests on expanse of his human spirit, he is out of jail but now his sexual arousal is turning into his vomit. His musical love is turning into headache. The test has made him incapable of loving and sensitivity. All these experiments were proposed by the ruling party who just before the election want to showcase its liberal aspects and popularity.

The central character is living his every day like Death and the Political Party is garnishing every thing which it could have after that experiment.  The everyday death prompts the central character to end the story of his life once in for all, so he jumps out of second floor. But when his eyes are open he is in bed in a Hospital. The media has focused its attention on the step taken by the droog and the failure of the attempt taken by the Ruling party. Suddenly there are blames and points at the performance of the party. The popularity is sliding down.

The bearing and the abuses coming the patry’s way makes its minister to go to the droog and ask for his support on condition of his old desires and ambitions. The droog happily says yes and thus marking the character of Society which developing world was about to face in new millennia with Modernisation and Market. The recent Dehi rape case will certainly echo with this film. The acts done by six young boys and the benefits taken by Media and Political Party after Delhi Event will certainly get in line with this film.

These overarching phenomena of mind thinking prompt me to search my own Kubrick in my own ways. This Movie was not allowed to be released in Britain because of its gory nature. But it got great appreciation from around the globe. The legend of this film was finally allowed to be released in Britain in 2000 and since than it has been proven and re-proven itself as a master piece. Last year on the fiftieth anniversary of the film it was re-released in blu-ray format.  


full metal jacket Full Metal Jacket (1987) – One thing about of Kubrick is that       instead of leaving you emotional, he’ll leave you sensitive.

 ‘Full Metal Jacket’ is different from all the Vietnam War kind of     Movies. I mean distinctive from ‘Platoon’ of Oliver Stone or Coppola’s ‘Apocalypse Now-Redux’. This movie never tries to celebrate the heroism of American Soldiers fighting in Vietnam. Instead by the means of its war picturisation, it shows us a mental illness or the mental slavery about being a Soldier in a capitalist world.

You are asked to wake in the morning, you are asked to sleep with your gun, you are not allowed to eat, and you are asked to abuse Ho chi minh without a reason or understnding. This is what makes ‘Full Metal Jacket’ a unique story. I mean it leaves your mouth open at certain events. How can he ask them to do it? How army can order them (Army correspondents) to report falsehood on actual death counts?

This film never went to Vietnaam or Cambodia to film itself. It was shot in near London on a film set. Here a great credit goes to Kubrick for creating an Urban War Zone yet militarizing it with the theme of Vietnam and South East Asia. The dense forests have been taken by the tarnished Urban Buildings and this is the biggest distinctive reason behind this Vietnam War Movie and others of its times. Love Kubrick and Love his cinematography.    


The list of Kubrick’s master piece is there to be seen in the adoption Vladimir Nabokov’s lolita 1962 671c2b13 269cult novel ‘Lolita’ in the movie ‘Lolita’ released in 1962, Peter Sellers wins the heart in this movie.

Steven Spielberg called Kubrick’s movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey(1967)’ the Big Bang of Modern day film making. There is Barry Lyndon’ signifying the 18th Century British turmoil of Tradition Vs Industry and the Gothic confusion of patronage and sexuality.



Kubrick demands a study before watching. Kubrick demands a socio political perception or ideology before watching.


His creation dr.strangelove“Dr. Strangelove or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb” is the best political satire on the race to build Nuclear Bomb during Cold war. The race to create a war zone situation just beneath Florida and near Cuba during the John F. Kennedy era got a best mocking in Dr. Strangelove, and ultimately laughing at the Khrushchevs, and the Kennedys.





Kubrick must be served a video library for every Social Science student in the developing world. Let’s see what my alma mater does.                                                   






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